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Psychotherapy Specialist

Amr Beltagui, MD -  - Board-Certified Psychiatrist

Amr Beltagui, MD

Board-Certified Psychiatrist located in Los Angeles, CA

Psychotherapy is a long name for a simple concept. Talking with a trained, compassionate mental health professional like psychiatrist Amr Beltagui, MD, can help you process problems, gain a new perspective, and equip you with tools to improve your quality of life. If you’re interested in seeing if psychotherapy is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Beltagui. You can call the Los Angeles, California, office, or request an appointment with Dr. Beltagui online.

Psychotherapy Q & A

What is psychotherapy?

Also called talk therapy, psychotherapy is a mental health treatment. It gives people with diagnosed mental health conditions — as well as people who are struggling with a specific issue or are feeling generally burdened by life — the opportunity to work through their challenges with a guide. 

That guide is a licensed mental health professional. Dr. Beltagui, a seasoned, caring psychiatrist, works with patients during psychotherapy to help them lead happier, healthier lives. 

How does psychotherapy work?

The actual process of psychotherapy happens during individual therapy sessions. These sessions usually last a little under an hour. 

You might meet with Dr. Beltagui for therapy once a week, twice a week, or on a different schedule. Together, you and he decide what psychotherapy treatment plan works best for you. 

During each therapy session, you and Dr. Beltagui talk about what’s keeping you from living your best life. Then, you work together to develop tools to improve your situation. Dr. Beltagui has years of mental health expertise he pulls from to help you. 

In many cases, over the course of your therapy sessions, you begin to set aside unhealthy, negative thoughts and behaviors in favor of new, positive, healthy thinking, and acting. 

Dr. Beltagui also uses your therapy sessions to give you the resources you need, whether that’s stress or anger management techniques, tools to help you cope with unwanted emotions, or another support system. 

As you build a relationship with Dr. Beltagui through your therapy sessions, the deeper understanding you provide helps make the treatment more effective. 

Is psychotherapy effective?

Yes. Dr. Beltagui offers talk therapy to his patients because he’s seen time and again that it has the power to improve their lives. The American Psychological Association reports that 75% of people who try psychotherapy benefit from it. 

What’s more, extensive studies have shown that this treatment has the power to change the brain. In people with mental health disorders, these brain changes closely mimic the changes produced by medication. 

Psychotherapy is a safe, effective treatment that can help you get more enjoyment and balance from your life. If you’re interested in getting started with talk therapy, call Amr Beltagui, MD or request your appointment online today.